The Foundation of All Student Success

Holistic Attendance Management That Keeps Your Students on Track to Graduate. Anytime, Anywhere.

Why is Attendance the Foundation of All Academic Success?

Top K–12 leaders recognize that all academic success starts with students showing up to class.

After all, the best curriculum paired with the best teacher and resources aren’t worth anything if the student isn’t in school to benefit from them…

Hence the growing popularity of KiNVO, which is a research-based K–12 attendance management software in a class of its own.

How Do You Solve the Attendance Iceberg Problem?

Many districts and attendance solutions make the mistake of monitoring attendance as a present/absent metric and ignore the underlying causes that lead to absenteeism.

The underlying causes create the Attendance Iceberg Problem, and if you want to prevent absenteeism, you must address it with a holistic method.

How Does KiNVO Set the Foundation For Student Success?

No K–12 leader or educator has time for yet another gizmo or software, which is why every KiNVO feature has been meticulously researched, purposefully created, and rigorously field-tested to make KiNVO an essential tool for everyone who uses it.

Can KiNVO Really Make a Difference in Your School or District?

The short answer is “absolutely.” But we let the life-changing outcomes speak for themselves:

Meriden Public Schools
reduction in chronic absenteeism for ELL students
Paducah Public Schools
increase in parent attendance at the annual Title 1 meeting after implementing KiNVO
John Adams High School
graduation rate increase
increase in graduation rates in two years
Wayne County Schools
additional pre-kindergarten classes were funded using KiNVO

Why do K–12 Leaders Think KiNVO is the Best?

It’s Time To Set Your Students Up For Success

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