Reduce Chronic Absenteeism

Kinvolved helps school systems meet ESSA’s chronic absence requirements and provides a clear roadmap to boost attendance.

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Monitor attendance

Monitor Attendance with Ease and Fidelity

via the KiNVO™ dashboard to track student trends and spot early warning signs.

Generate reports

Automatically Send Attendance Notifications

via text, email, or robocall in over 80 languages.

Send attendance notifications

Deploy Emergency Alerts

to instantly deliver critical notifications via text.

Generate letters

Automatically Generate Official Attendance Letters

for each student with at-a-glance insights that you can email, print, and mail home.

Calculate Potential Funding Increases for Your District

When Attendance Rates Rise, District Funding Rises.

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Existing SIS

And Many More

Our Holistic Approach Helps with More than Attendance

We knit together the critical components of student and family engagement so that school systems have a single platform and partner to help improve outcomes for all.

Holistic approach
Streamline Communications

Securely manage and archive all of your district’s communications in one place.

Boost Attendance

Utilize research-based tools to increase attendance and report on state policies.

Holistic approach
Improve Family Engagement

Interact with families using two-way messaging and instant translations in 80 languages.

Ensure Utilization

Provide your team with holistic training to build community and foster student success.


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