Providence Public Schools


A successful pilot expanded district-wide after KiNVO™ reduces chronic absenteeism and prompts deeper family engagement over the course of a single semester.

Providence case study

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360 High School’s chronic absence rate decreased by 9% after implementing KiNVO
Del Sesto Middle School’s chronic absence rate decreased by 4.2% after implementing KiNVO.

Providence Public Schools, Rhode Island’s largest school system, serves approximately twenty-four thousand students.

In Spring 2018, Providence Public Schools launched a seven-school pilot with Kinvolved and then expanded district-wide after KiNVO™ helped reduce chronic absenteeism and prompted deeper family engagement.


“I’ve spoken with a number of school principals about Kinvolved, and they are universally excited about the way it breaks down barriers and allows for direct interaction with parents. Many of them report that one of the unforeseen results is a significant increase in requests by parents and guardians to meet with school teachers and administrators. We feel that by increasing family-to-school interactions and breaking down the traditional walls that have existed, we will be able to improve outcomes for our students.”

Chris Maher, Superintendent Providence Public School District

—Christopher Maher
Former Superintendent, Providence Public School District


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