Paducah Public Schools


How the district quickly increased communications and family engagement after rolling out KiNVO.

Paducah case study

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increase in rate of reply
increase in messages sent per student

Paducah Public Schools in Paducah, KY is on a mission to inspire all students to achieve excellence, explore opportunities, and realize their full potential with the goal of preparing each and every student to be college or career ready upon graduation.

Every school within the district qualifies for Title 1 funding. In order to achieve their mission and goal, district leadership identified communications as being a differentiator among districts in the region and a significant point of focus to help them succeed.


“We knew that in order to truly educate our students, we had to support them with the non-cognitive challenges they face every day. We felt that one of the best ways to do that was to improve communications and build strong family relationships that would help support each child.”

— Dr. Donald Shively, Superintendent
Paducah Public Schools


Download the full Case Study