Meriden Public Schools


Leveraging KiNVO™ to support change management and treat parents as partners, Roger Sherman Elementary decreases chronic absenteeism by 10 percent.

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decrease in chronic absenteeism rates after implementing KiNVO™

When it came to attendance, Roger Sherman Elementary was among the lowest performing schools in the district. Free and reduced lunch rates hover at 90 percent, and the school has a higher than-average special education population. However, despite these factors, along with severe weather conditions and a changing student demographic, the school implemented KiNVO™ and decreased chronic absenteeism rates by over 10 percent.


“Leveraging KiNVO to increase parental engagement with two-way communication has decreased chronic absenteeism by over 10 percent. We will build on that momentum by developing a culture that focuses on strong parent and student engagement.”

Mark Benigni

—Dr. Mark Benigni, Superintendent
Meriden Public Schools


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