Family Engagement Month Resources for Large Districts

Welcome to the Family Engagement Resource Center for Large Districts. Here you’ll find useful materials for Family Engagement Month (November), which we encourage you to reference and share among your teams.

The Guide to Digital Home Visits
The Guide to Connecting with All Families
Five Ways to Improve Equitable Communications with All Families
Four Messages You Can Send Families Right Now
Shifting From the Classroom to the Computer (Guided Worksheet)
Kinvolved’s Family and Student Wellbeing Survey
A Guide to Family Partnerships

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Watch Sara Walkup from Miami-Dade County Public Schools Discuss Their Comprehensive, Digital Family Engagement Work

Why Do Leaders in Large Districts Think KiNVO is the Best?

— Tarek Alamarie

Assistant Principal of Guidance, Data and Accountability


Before KiNVO, we would only find out if parents had changed their phone numbers after we’d exhausted all resources, perhaps even including a home visit.

Now, parents call in to ask us to update their phone numbers in KiNVO because they’ve become so reliant on it.


We started working with Kinvolved on our district-wide family engagement strategy at the outset of COVID-19. The team has provided expertise, cricial capacity, and high quality deliverables on a short timeline.

— Sara Walkup

Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Director of Community Outreach

— Joseph Lewis

D.C. Public Schools
Assistant Principal


We have a student whose family speaks Vietnamese, but we don't have anyone on staff who speaks Vietnamese. KiNVO makes it possible for us to regularly communicate with them.


I can’t imagine going back to not having attendance and communications together in the same software. KiNVO enables us to send effective communications based on data-driven decisions.

— Rebecca DelBarone

Providence Public Schools
Assistant Principal

What Makes KiNVO the Best Attendance Software?

There’s really no magic about it—KiNVO simply addresses the root problems rather than the symptoms.

Help More Students By Doing Less Work

KiNVO was not created to just track attendance—it was created to prevent absenteeism all together so that students are set up for success.

Input from thousands of educators, leaders, families, and researchers has led KiNVO to embody two primary components:

1. Robust attendance management tools that empower you to make data-driven decisions in real time.

2. Equitable communications tools that enable you to reach all stakeholders regardless of language, housing situation, device, schedule, or internet access.

Beyond Features: KiNVO’s Sum is Greater Than its Parts

KiNVO’s features are powerful on their own, and they’re even more powerful together.
Here's just one example:


A student is unexcused for two days in a row, so a personalized message is automatically sent.


The message is automatically translated and delivered in the family contact’s preferred language.


The family contact replies like a regular text message. No app or login is required.

They inform you the student is sick.

You quickly reply and ask if they have a photo of the doctor’s note.

The family contact can quickly text or email a picture to you.

With the official note, you can easily change “Unexcused” to “Excused.”

You can then send follow-up support such as, "Thank you. Please reach out to [Name’s] teachers for makeup work."

The entire conversation is securely archived with administrative oversight.

For any future reference or documentation.

KiNVO provides unique and powerful capabilities that fundamentally improve the way you and your team engage families and prevent absenteeism.


Learn more about KiNVO’s features here.

The Data Doesn’t Lie — KiNVO Works

reduction in chronic absenteeism compared to all NYC DOE schools
reduction in chronic absenteeism for English learners
graduation rate increase
increase in graduation rate after partnering with Kinvolved*

We Meet You Where You Are

Whether you’re looking for professional learning or a full-fledged software implementation, we meet you where you are with custom packages to help you achieve your goals on budget.

KiNVO Software

KiNVO, our research-based software, is a robust communications and attendance software that can be used by all stakeholders in a district.

Virtual Professional Learning

Our virtual professional learning is currently delivered virtually and can help you implement reserach-based best practices in your district to improve family engagement and/or attendance.

Funding At Your Fingertips

Title I and Title IV

Because we provide equitable communications tools, provide research-based family engagement professional learning, our product and services often qualify for Title I and Title IV funding.

Women Owned Business

Kinvolved is a certified women owned business. Oftentimes, districts can use grant funds designated for MWBE companies to purchase KiNVO or professional learning.

We Qualify for CARES Act Funding

We provide essential telecommunications and attendance services that empower school systems to locate and engage their students and families regardless of internet access. Because of this, schools can use CARES Act funding to purchase KiNVO.

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