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Leadership Spotlight Awards

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The Kinvolved Leadership Spotlight Awards celebrate KiNVO™ users leveraging the software to bring about positive change in their community.

Awardees in their own words

Complete list of winners

Tarek Alamarie
Assistant Principal, Data and Accountability

John Adams High School

Annette Fiorentino

Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School

Leah Lescouflair

Bronx Early College Academy

Jaron Serven
English Teacher

High School for Environmental Studies

Nadine Blackwood
Program Chair

Bronx High School For Medical Science

Olisa Fowlin
Case Manager

P.S. 42 Claremont

Michael Lipkowitz
Assistant Principal of STEM Education

High School for Environmental Studies

Mia Shapiro
Community School Director

Brooklyn Community High School of Communications, Arts and Media

Pedro Cubero and Chelsea Acevedo
Principal and Parent Coordinator

High School for Contemporary Arts

Augustus Grissett, Jr.
Attendance Teacher

Research and Service High School

Esther Nyako
Algebra Teacher

Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School

Alexa Sorden, Raquel Linares, and Yanira Sandoval
Founding Principal, 4th Grade Educator, and 2nd Grade Educator

Concourse Village Elementary School

Allison Farrington
Founder and Principal

Research and Service High School

Venus Herrera
Parent Coordinator

Urban Assembly Maker Academy

Daniel Scanlon

John Adams High School

Sarah Tierney

Bronx Latin High School

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