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Text Message Family Needs Assessment Survey Tool

What Does it Do?

KiNVO’s Text Message Family Needs Assessment Survey Tool empowers schools and districts to:


Send a simple survey via text message to families

Automatically translate the messages into Spanish and English

Capture vital insights on family needs

Provide families with instant, automated responses directing them to helpful resources

Reduce inbound calls from families who receive automated support

How Does it Work?


Kinvolved becomes a thought-partner and helps you create a list of need assessment survey questions to ask families.

We create a Q&A workflow to guide families to appropriate and automated resources.

Our software, KiNVO, deploys the needs assessment survey via text message in English or Spanish and automates replies/resources.

Responses are analyzed to offer your school or district trends in areas of greatest need, and families receive instant resources based on their needs.

More Than Surveys

This tool is a practical way to build capacity for district leadership responsible for turnkeying resources to families while gaining deeper insights into family/student needs.

How Does it Help?

Reach All Families

Send survey questions via SMS text message so that families don’t need an app, login, computer, smart device, or internet access to complete your survey.

Overcome Language Barriers

Help families understand what they’re being asked with automated two-way English/Spanish translations.

Save Time

Dramatically reduce the time required to close the communication/need loop between district and families.

Build Capacity

Reduce call center volume and wait time, and reduce the number of staff members you need supporting outreach efforts.

Deliver Helpful Resources

Instantly provide relevant digital resources to families who need them.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Analyze survey results to understand problems faced by your community and make data-driven decisions.

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