KiNVO™ by Kinvolved

KiNVO is a powerful, user-friendly technology tool that equips educators, parents, and students with data that highlights attendance patterns, all in service of motivating change.

Centralize and simplify communications

KiNVO provides a single interface for managing attendance data and delivers push notifications about attendance and communications activity.

KiNVO attendance dashboard
Kinvo export reports

Uncover early-warning indicators

KiNVO reports analyze attendance real-time data to help educators identify at-risk students and plan proactive intervention.

Integrate with your student information system

KiNVO syncs with your SIS, keeping student information up-to-date and showcasing chronic absenteeism trends with automated analysis.

SIS server

Remove barriers to entry

KiNVO messages can be translated into more than 80 languages and require no parent login for two-way communications.

Keep family data current

Easily update family contact data to be sure you can reliably reach parents and caretakers.


Communicate safely and securely

KiNVO offers transparent administrative oversight of teacher-student and teacher-parent messages, giving peace of mind to all stakeholders.

With KiNVO, attendance rates jump, chronic absenteeism drops, and family engagement skyrockets. 

Kinvolved is an industry leader in student data privacy and security practices.

I like the connection with parents; it makes me feel I’m not alone and they’re on my side with regard to their child’s education.

English Teacher, Frederick Douglas Academy II