It’s No Wonder The Top K–12 Leaders Invest in Attendance

Research Shows It’s The Single Most Important Indicator of Student Success.

Researchers Agree:

Attendance is the Most Important Factor of Student Success

After all, if a student isn’t showing up to learn, it doesn’t matter what kind of curriculum and instruction you have available for them. While the concept is simple, the correlated repercussions are staggering.

Get Attendance Right

Students are more likely to:

Get Attendance Wrong

Students are more likely to:

Earn significantly more throughout their lifetime

Earn significantly less throughout their lifetime

Since absenteeism is correlated with poor academic outcomes and dropout rates, the following statistics are equally concerning:

Over half of high school dropouts are on public assistance

The lifetime cost to taxpayers per student that drops out of high school exceeds $300,000

Young women who drop out of high school are 9 times more likely to become single mothers

Nearly 83% of incarcerated persons are also high school dropouts

Over 60% of individuals who dropped out of high school are rearrested for repeat criminal activity

Lower earnings from high school dropouts can mean as much as $2 billion in lost tax revenue each year

Getting Attendance Right is Step #1 for Every District

Preventing absenteeism and getting every student in every class is the foundation of all student success. Quality attendance management is more than checking boxes—it’s doing right by your students and ensuring you are genuinely setting them up for success.

There are several factors that must be addressed underneath the surface in order to properly manage attendance and prevent absenteeism. We call it the Attendance Iceberg Problem and can help you eliminate it.