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We can help you improve your student engagement/attendance, reach 100% of your families, and cut costs.

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What is KiNVO?

KiNVO is a simple, yet powerful communications, attendance, and engagement software.

Why do Kentucky schools use KiNVO?

Manage Student Engagement/Attendance in Any Learning Scenario

Easily and automatically monitor meaningful engagement and/or attendance during remote, in-person, and hybrid learning. Instantly access actionable data, and set up automatic personalized notifications based on customizable attendance triggers.


Engage All Families

KiNVO is built around equity with a suite of communications features like two-way messaging instantly translated in 80+ languages so that you can engage all families regardless of their home language, living situation, internet access, or reading abilities. By using a single tool for all communications, from the classroom to the district office, we help districts create a consistent, streamlined communication pathway between school and home.

Improve Safety and Security

Unlike most K–12 messaging apps, KiNVO is a single communications tool for teachers and administrators that eliminates the need for individual teacher communication tools so that your district can comply with FERPA and COPPA compliant. KiNVO also keeps digital archives of parent-teacher communications with administrative oversight so that you can better protect your staff and community.

Emergency alerts

Communicate a Proven Crisis Attendance Management Plan

Every K–12 district will face a critical event where they need to document students’ whereabouts and connect with families in real time. Nobody can predict what these events will be, who they will impact, nor when they will happen. Kinvolved can provide you with a proven crisis attendance management plan that you can easily “plug-and-play” in your district. The plan will help you handle any crisis situation—whether it’s with an individual student or your entire district—and provide you with a reliable plan that you can confidently point your community, school board, and funders to when they seek accountability.

Cut Costs and Save Time

KiNVO doesn’t replace jobs, but it does make everything easier and more efficient which saves time and cuts costs for your team. Here are a few of the many ways KiNVO helps your budget:

* Based on publicly reported average salaries of these roles.

Specifically designed for Kentucky schools who truly want to keep students on track to graduate.


Using KiNVO to send non-English messages to ELL families has definitely started healthy conversations around attendance.

Before KiNVO, we would use translation services to communicate with a guardian if they came into the school. Now we can make them aware of a student’s attendance before it becomes a concern.

— Jennifer Hickey
Rector A Jones, Principal
Boone County Schools

Funding At Your Fingertips

We Qualify for CARES Act Funding

We provide essential telecommunications and attendance services that empower school systems to locate and engage their students and families regardless of internet access. Because of this, schools can use CARES Act funding to purchase KiNVO.

Title I and Title IV

Because we provide equitable communications tools, provide research-based family engagement professional learning, our product and services often qualify for Title I and Title IV funding.

Women Owned Business

Kinvolved is a certified women owned business. Oftentimes, Kentucky districts can use grant funds designated for MWBE companies to purchase KiNVO or professional learning.

Our Easy 5 Step Plan to Help You

Complete a contact data diagnostic

We’ll kick off our partnership with a contact data diagnostic to quickly identify which phone numbers and email addresses in your SIS are inaccurate or missing.

Provide an Action Plan to Update Inaccurate and Missing Contact Data

After running a diagnostic and providing a custom report, we will help you systematize a process to update the inaccurate or unknown information so that you can engage more students and families.

Centralize Equitable Communications
Provide Professional Learning

After the software is implemented, we will provide professional learning for your team so that everyone understands how to use the tool in effective ways prior to school starting. We’ll also focus on research-based practices to truly engage students and families.

Monitor Meaningful Student Engagement, Interaction, and Attendance

KiNVO makes it possible to easily monitor and report meaningful student engagement, interaction, and attendance. Regardless of whether your monitoring in person, remotely, or somewhere in between, KiNVO makes it easy.

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