What Makes KiNVO the Best Attendance Software?

There’s really no magic about it—KiNVO simply addresses the root problems rather than the symptoms.

Help More Students By Doing Less Work

KiNVO was not created to just track attendance—it was created to prevent absenteeism all together so that students are set up for success.

Input from thousands of educators, leaders, families, and researchers has led KiNVO to embody two primary components:

1. Robust attendance management tools that empower you to make data-driven decisions in real time.

2. Equitable communications tools that enable you to reach all stakeholders regardless of language, housing situation, device, schedule, or internet access.

KiNVO provides unique and powerful capabilities that fundamentally improve the way you and your team engage families and prevent absenteeism.


Here’s a look at some of the features that empower you to help more students with less work.

Attendance Insights Page

KiNVO visualizes attendance data in a simple, powerful way unlike any other platform or dashboard. KiNVO empowers you to examine data through a variety of views including:

• Total Absences
• Consecutive Absences
• Number of Excused Absences
• Number of Unexcused Absences
• Percentage of Days Present
• Attendance Tier

With this easy-to-see data, you can quickly send personalized messages to specific students and family contacts. For example, it only takes about 1 minute to identify and send a message to all of the family contacts of 9th grade students with 3 consecutive absences.

All of this, and more, can be done at the class, grade, building, and district level.

When you use KiNVO, you’ll quickly wonder why you used Tableau, an in-house dashboard, or standard SIS system reports for so long.

Record Updates

Because KiNVO is designed to involve families in their student’s education, the software makes it easier to gain insights into why a student was absent. If you send an automated, personalized text message to a family contact informing them that their student has been absent for two days in a row, they are more likely to reply directly to you and inform you that they are out with the flu along with a picture of a doctor’s note—something you wouldn’t have known or received otherwise.

KiNVO makes this process easy, so that you can get the information you need to update an unexcused absence into a documented excused absence in the click of a button.

Customizable Attendance Tiers, Schedules, and Reports

We know that not all two districts are the same, which is why you can use customizable parameters to create the attendance tiers you’d like in KiNVO.

Furthermore, you can set up automated attendance messages based on your custom schedule to deploy what you want, when you want, such as:

• In real-time or as a summary digest at a customized times
• About daily and/or period absences
• About tardiness
• About year-to-date present percentage

Not to mention, you can run a variety of reports that are data-literacy friendly so your team is empowered to make strong, data-drive decisions in real time.

Language translation
Two-Way Communications Translated in 80+ Languages

Too many K–12 communications platforms get away with the minimum of sending one-way messages in English. Using these types of programs is a dis-service to your community because it prevents many families—often those most vulnerable—from accessing your important information.

That’s why KiNVO instantly translates all of your messages in real time and deploys them via SMS text message, email, and phone call.

The result is that you can communicate with your students and families no matter who you’re trying to reach, what device they have, what language they speak, or where they may be living.

Digital Postcards with Trackable Receipt

All of KiNVO is designed to save you time and money. In this case, you identify a specific set of students that you need to send official postcards to, automatically fill out their digital post card with personalized information, and send it digitally for pennies.

The best part?

The family contact can receive it by text message and email, and you can track whether or not they’ve seen it. No more mailing physical envelopes and wondering if they ever arrived.

Contact Information Accuracy

Ever wonder if a family contact’s phone number changed because you never hear back from them? Well, KiNVO takes all the guesswork out of it.

Quickly see if a phone number or email address is inactive so that you can secure the updated and accurate information.

We’d say more, but it’s so easy and effective there’s not more to say.

Beyond Features: KiNVO’s Sum is Greater Than its Parts

KiNVO’s features are powerful on their own, and they’re even more powerful together.
Here's just one example:


A student is unexcused for two days in a row, so a personalized message is automatically sent.


The message is automatically translated and delivered in the family contact’s preferred language.


The family contact replies like a regular text message. No app or login is required.

They inform you the student is sick.

You quickly reply and ask if they have a photo of the doctor’s note.

The family contact can quickly text or email a picture to you.

With the official note, you can easily change “Unexcused” to “Excused.”

You can then send follow-up support such as, "Thank you. Please reach out to [Name’s] teachers for makeup work."

The entire conversation is securely archived with administrative oversight.

For any future reference or documentation.

The Data Doesn’t Lie — KiNVO Works

reduction in chronic absenteeism compared to all NYC DOE schools
graduation rate increase
increase in graduation rate after partnering with Kinvolved*
ability to contact and engage every family during COVID-19 school closures
increase in attendance after implementing KiNVO
reduction in chronic absenteeism for English learners
increase in family attendance at the annual Title 1 meeting by using KiNVO for parent outreach

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