Digital Attendance / Engagement Postcards

Easily generate and send digital attendance/engagement postcards to improve attendance and reduce costs.

Why Use Digital Attendance/Engagement Postcards?

Digital attendance/engagement postcards empower you to send official attendance updates to families in a way that is faster, cheaper, and safer than sending physical postcards.

Save Money

Reduce mailing costs by 60–75%.

Save Time

Reduce creation and send time from days to seconds.

Improve Attendance

In a controlled study, digital postcards reduced chronic absence by 8%. *

How Does it Work?

Watch the video below for a quick overview.

We Partnered with Proving Ground to Do This Work

Proving Ground works with education organizations—including school districts, state education agencies, and charter management organizations—to identify and test interventions designed to address their most pressing challenges.

*Over the course of a school year, postcards to families of early-grade students reduced absences by 7.9% across the districts.

What Else Makes Digital Attendance/Engagement Postcards Incredible?

Since our digital attendance/engagement postcards are a function in KiNVO, you can instantly leverage all of KiNVO's other amazing tools with them. For example, you can track deliverability and open rates so that you know exactly who has seen their postcard and who hasn't. You can also enable instant responses from families that are translated in 80+ languages so that you can have a conversation with a family contact no matter what language they speak!

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