Interact with All Families

KiNVO™ enables you to reach your students’ families whenever you need, on the devices they’re already using, no matter what language they speak.

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Reach families

Reach Families on the Devices They’re Already Using

No need for a clunky app or pesky password.

Two way conversation

Engage in Two-Way Conversations

Via text message, email, and voice call.

Language translation

Say Goodbye to Language Barriers

with real-time, two-way translation in over 80 languages.

Build relationships

Build Strong Relationships

by easily categorizing each message to ensure positive relationships are being built.

Learn How Providence Public School District Implemented KiNVO in 40 Schools to Improve Family Engagement

Our Holistic Approach Helps with More than Family Engagement

We knit together the critical components of student and family engagement so that school systems have a single platform and partner to help improve outcomes for all.

Holistic approach
Streamline Communications

Securely manage and archive all of your district’s communications in one place.

Boost Attendance

Utilize research-based tools to increase attendance and report on state policies.

Holistic approach
Improve Family Engagement

Interact with families using two-way messaging and instant translations in 80 languages.

Ensure Utilization

Provide your team with holistic training to build community and foster student success.


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