Impact Report

By implementing our holistic family engagement approach, school systems across the country have experienced meaningful gains.

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Academic Year Metrics

We recognize the need for efficacy studies to help districts inform critical purchasing decisions that affect students, families, and local communities. Each year, we broaden our impact evaluation as we continue growing. Our 2018–19 Impact Report explores exciting outcomes including:
Meriden Public Schools

Meriden, CT

reduction in chronic absenteeism for ELL students
John Adams High School

New York, NY

graduation rate increase
increase in graduation rates in two years
Paducah Public Schools

Paducah, KY

increase in parent attendance at the annual Title 1 meeting after implementing KiNVO
Wayne County Schools

Jesup, GA

additional pre-kindergarten classes were funded using KiNVO

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Case Studies

Our case studies feature the stories and outcomes of specific school systems. After reading a few, you’ll find that partnering with Kinvolved helps improve a variety of student outcomes regardless of school system demographics.

Coffee County Schools

7,529 Students

Paducah Public Schools

2,838 Students

John Adams High School
New York City

2,366 Students

Providence Public Schools
Rhode Island

24,000 Students

Sioux Falls School District
South Dakota

25,000 Students

Meriden Public Schools

8,600 Students

Impact Reports

Kinvolved™ Impact Reports explore how our holistic approach to family engagement affects chronic absenteeism, mindset shifts, and student outcomes. Revisit our older Impact Reports here:

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