A Roadmap for Improving Attendance

The original education technology solution to absenteeism, Kinvolved™ is now an organization five years deep into its mission to eradicate chronic absence and student disengagement. We have learned that it takes shared commitment, intention, heart, and mutual engagement, especially with families, to achieve positive, quantifiable results.

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Academic Year Metrics

Kinvolved recognizes the need for research-based efficacy studies to help districts inform critical purchasing decisions that affect students, families, and local communities. Each year, we broaden our impact evaluation as we continue our nationwide expansion.




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Kinvolved’s Roadmap for Improving Attendance

Schools and districts that follow Kinvolved’s roadmap see real results—here’s their pathway to success.

Change management
Relationship development
Shared Accountability
Impact evaluation

Change Management

Problem-solving produces change; growth produces change. And change takes time—especially when tackling an issue as complex as chronic absenteeism.

Through our expert-led professional development sessions, Kinvolved helps districts through the change management process: building attendance teams, setting SMART goals, managing the implementation of new attendance policies, and leveraging KiNVO™ to improve student attendance.

Nkolika Onye Executive Director of Student Supports Providence Public School District

Providence is committed to an all-students agenda in which stakeholder voices matter, especially that of parents and families. We know that we must make an effort to ensure every family is engaged and empowered to act as change agents and advocates for their children and young people. By strengthening family relationships, we can move the needle on student outcomes—especially attendance and academic achievement.

—Nkolika E. Onye Executive Director of Student Supports, Providence Public Schools

Relationship Development:
Taking an Asset View of Families

Research shows that parents might not always realize the connection between attendance and achievement, and that parents do not always understand what constitutes “good” attendance. For example, a parent might think that 90 percent average daily attendance is satisfactory, even though that in fact means the student is chronically absent. Furthermore, parents often significantly underestimate their children’s rate of absenteeism.

Dulari Tahbildar Director of Student Support 360 High School

Our high school was founded on student voice and empowerment—students working alongside adults as partners. We want our families to work alongside us as equal partners, and we need to get a baseline of communication and trust so that parents understand they have an equal voice. KiNVO is the tool we use to establish those baselines.

—Dulari TahbildarDirector of Student Support, 360 High School, Providence Public Schools

Shared Accountability

It takes a village to improve attendance. Many stakeholders must share this work—government leaders, superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, students, and community partners.

Attendance Works describes shared accountability as one of the most critical ingredients to systemic change.12  By facilitating support circles that work together to benefit individual students, over time Kinvolved helps create systems-level impact across communities.

I’m so grateful that I can work with parents on their student’s attendance. I hadn’t been able to do that before we adopted KiNVO, and now I love it.

—Kelli MaassSenior English Teacher, Bronx River High School, NYCDOE

Impact Evaluation

As a mission-driven social enterprise and Certified B Corporation, we at Kinvolved hold ourselves publicly accountable for our results. Our impact evaluation process guides district leaders in understanding how to dive into their own data to determine the resources their teams need, the processes they need to put in place, and the evaluation measures they have to follow.

Case Studies


Leveraging KiNVO to support change management and treat parents as partners, Roger Sherman Elementary decreases chronic absenteeism by over 10 percent.


Rolling out a solution in stages leads to across-the-board attendance improvement.


A successful pilot expands district-wide after KiNVO reduces chronic absenteeism and prompts deeper family engagement over the course of a single semester.

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