COVID-19 Resources for New York

Welcome to the COVID-19 Resource Center. Here you’ll find useful materials that we encourage you to reference and share among your teams.

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Four Messages You Can Send Families Right Now
Shifting From the Classroom to the Computer (Guided Worksheet)
Kinvolved’s Family and Student Wellbeing Survey
A Guide to Family Partnerships
The Guide to Digital Home Visits
The Guide to Connecting with All Families
Five Ways to Improve Equitable Communications with All Families

Can KiNVO Really Make a Difference in Your School or District?

The short answer is “absolutely.” But we let the life-changing outcomes speak for themselves:

Meriden Public Schools
reduction in chronic absenteeism for ELL students
Paducah Public Schools
increase in parent attendance at the annual Title 1 meeting after implementing KiNVO
John Adams High School
graduation rate increase
increase in graduation rates in two years
Wayne County Schools
additional pre-kindergarten classes were funded using KiNVO

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Funding At Your Fingertips

Title I and Title IV

Because we provide equitable communications tools, provide research-based family engagement professional learning, our product and services often qualify for Title I and Title IV funding.

Women Owned Business

Kinvolved is a certified women owned business by both NYC and the state of New York. Oftentimes, New York schools can use grant funds designated for MWBE companies to purchase KiNVO or professional learning.

We Qualify for CARES Act Funding

We provide essential telecommunications and attendance services that empower school systems to locate and engage their students and families regardless of internet access. Because of this, schools can use CARES Act funding to purchase KiNVO.

About Kinvolved’s Work in New York

Kinvolved has helped New York schools prevent absenteeism and improve student outcomes for nearly a decade.

Based out of NYC, we are recognized as a certified women-business enterprise by NYC and the state of New York—the latter of which is our largest investor. 

We currently work with nearly 200 schools in the state, serving higher than average in-need populations and driving strong results; in 2019, Kinvolved partner schools in NYC DOE saw a 7.52% reduction in chronic absenteeism compared to all NYC DOE schools. 

During COVID-19 school closures, New York schools leveraged KiNVO—our attendance and communications software—as a central lifeline to remain connected with their communities. 

We’re proud to report that we have helped our New York schools maintain engagement rates above 95 percent—a significant increase from many other schools in the state—throughout the COVID-19 school closures. 

In addition to our long-standing work in NYC and NYS, we were just awarded the ERIE I BOCES contract, which means our technology and integrations are vetted for the safety, privacy, and security standards of New York.

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