Crisis Strikes: Can You Locate and Contact Every Student?

All Districts Are Prone to Crisis

Every K–12 district will face a critical event where they need to document students’ whereabouts and connect with families in real time.

Nobody can predict what these events will be, nor when they will happen, but some unfortunately common events include:


Active Shooter

School Lockdown


Health Pandemic


The 3 Keys to Effective Crisis Attendance Management


Strategic Preparation

There’s only one thing worse than a crisis, and that is being unprepared for one. Preparing with the appropriate protocols, contact information, and crisis attendance management essentials is critical.


In a crisis, internal and external stakeholders will look to you and your team for answers. Crisis attendance training provides your team with a foundation of crisis management techniques and establishes clear protocols to leverage in such an event.

Capable Technology

In today’s world, the news cycle and rumor mill run in seconds. To get in front of the crisis and maintain a positive public image, districts must have a reliable technology to track real-time attendance and send real-time communications from anywhere, because a crisis doesn’t stop just because you can’t access your office computer.

How Kinvolved Can Help You

We are here to serve as your partner in crisis attendance management by providing a suite of products and services specially designed to prepare your district for a crisis, and support you in time of need. We help:

Update Contact Info
 Establish District-Wide Processes and Protocols (Who says what, when)
Facilitate real-time and remote emergency alerts
Power real-time and remote crisis attendance management
COVID-19 Essential Service

COVID-19 Essential Services

The current climate has illustrated the need to be prepared to remotely locate and contact students and families. Real-time attendance and communications technologies are essential utilities and services in times like these.

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