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North Brunswick Township Schools Seminar

Kinvolved and North Brunswick Schools Host Attendance and Engagement Seminar

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North Brunswick Township Public Schools and Kinvolved recently held a Seminar entitled “Addressing Chronic Absenteeism through Empathy, Intention, and Engagement.” Check out the highlights!

Kinvolved seminars are collaborative events where educators learn and share strategies for increasing family engagement, reducing chronic absenteeism, and boosting attendance.

In North Brunswick, educators discussed the challenges they’ve experienced getting all students to class every day, spurring a spirited back-and-forth that carried through the day’s presentations from school and district leaders. They also talked about how they’ve used KiNVO to boost student attendance and shift from one-way communication to two-way engagement, culminating in an exploration of promising strategies for further driving student success in the district.

Learn more about how we can help your district team evolve its communications strategy to achieve positive student outcomes.

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