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2017 NYC Summit on Family Involvement to Elevate Attendance

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On Friday, January 27th, from 10am-1pm, Kinvolved and South Bronx Rising Together (a joint Children’s Aid Society and Phipps initiative) are co-hosting the 2017 NYC Summit on Family Involvement to Elevate Attendance at Bronx Leadership Academy II High School.

With 200 already confirmed attendees, and a keynote by the NYC Public Advocate Letitia James, the event will bring together school-based teams, superintendents, Community and Renewal Schools community-based organization partners, and policy and research leaders focused on increasing attendance and family involvement throughout the NYCDOE.

Additional speakers include:

  • Michael Alcoff, NYCDOE Renewal Schools Superintendent
  • Michelle Kim, Policy Associate, Office of the Public Advocate
  • Nicole Mader, Senior Research Fellow, Center for NYC Affairs
  • Peter Bergman, Assistant Professor of Economics and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

Attendees will be able to:

  • Share general best practices to elevate attendance and family involvement
  • Engage with/learn about South Bronx Rising Together and Kinvolved
  • Hear from leading local researchers and policy leaders Network over lunch with fellow leaders in these fields

Elevating attendance requires commitment, collaboration, and tailored approaches to the particular strengths and challenges of each school or community. With this event, we hope to increase awareness about the important role that school attendance plays in attaining academic success, and create family involvement strategies together as a community.  

To learn more about the event, or for press inquiries, contact hello@kinvolved.com.

Supporting Regents with KiNVO

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High school students in New York State take Regents Exams to assess their mastery of New York State Learning Standards. To graduate from high school, students must pass exams in five subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Global History, and U.S. History and Government. Students may also earn an Advanced Regents diploma if they pass additional exams in Mathematics, Science and a foreign language. For the winter term this year, Regents take place between Tuesday, January 24, and Friday, January 27. Learn more about Regents Exams and New York City high school graduation requirements.  

How can you use KiNVO by Kinvolved to support your school during Regents week? Here are some guidelines for how you can engage with students and families before, during, and after Regents Week.

Prepping for Regents:

  • Use KiNVO to send out reminders about the upcoming Regents study sessions and test dates so that parents also emphasize to their children the importance of studying and getting a good night’s rest.
  • Filter messages by grade level to send grade-level specific messages.
  • Teachers and administrators can take advantage of our note recording feature to organize next steps and strategies.

During Regents Week:

  • Continue to send reminders about the dates and times of the exams.
  • Send positive messages! Encourage parents to keep up the good work.

Post Regents Week:

  • Show gratitude to parents! Send a school wide thank you message, congratulating all families and students on successfully getting through the testing period.
  • Send personalized messages to parents who were especially active in ensuring that their student does well on the exam.

We hope that KiNVO can ease the stress of Regents Week for teachers, administrators, parents, and students. How else are you encouraging positivity this testing period? Share your ideas by commenting below, or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!

Know someone who needs KiNVO? Contact us for more information!
Good luck testing!

Elevating Attendance with KiNVO’s Mobile App

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The new year means new webinars! To kick off 2017 we are hosting a webinar on Thursday, January 12th and Thursday, January 19th at 3pm on KiNVO’s mobile app (RSVP here)! Webinars are only 30 minutes long, because we know our users have busy schedules. If you aren’t able to join us, read on for some easy guidelines to follow on this topic!

KiNVO is available on both iOS and Android. KiNVO’s mobile app is intended to complement our teacher and administrator’s “on the go” lifestyle and saves them time by giving them access to their rosters in the palm of their hands.  With lightweight ways to record attendance, send messages to parents, manage parent contacts, and receive push notifications, the mobile app complements your web app experience.

Our hope is that KiNVO mobile’s new push notifications remind our teachers and administrators to record attendance every day, and reply to parents in a faster manner. Our push notifications offer:

  • Real-time notification of parent response to a message.
  • Daily digest of parent responses with a notification once every day at 3pm.
  • Daily reminder at 5pm to record attendance for any courses that users forgot to record attendance.
  • Updates about new features, tips, and tricks to use KiNVO (the KiNVO team can send you personalized messages about new features).

How can parents get involved with KiNVO’s mobile app? At Kinvolved we are committed to closing today’s digital gap. According to the Pew Research Center, only 41% of people without a high school degree have a smartphone, and just 52% of people earning $30K or less have one. This starkly contrasts with the 81% of people who earn $75-100K.

For this reason, we have chosen to focus on utilizing SMS to communicate with parents, versus building a parent-facing smartphone app for our parent community demographic. This means that parents need not download or log into an app to access teachers via KiNVO. In fact, they don’t even require a smartphone. To receive KiNVO’s SMS, they simply need a basic cell phone.

Watch this video to learn more about how KiNVO’s mobile app can work for you.  

What else would you like available in you KiNVO mobile app? Write to us at support@kinvolved.com as to how we can improve your mobile experience. Know someone who needs KiNVO? Contact us for more information!
And, as always, we encourage you to share our product on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram! Reach out to us if you have a specific topic in mind for a future webinar!

Preventing Holiday Absences

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The end of the year is quickly approaching. Students and teachers are finalizing class projects, and families are organizing how to spend the holidays. The weather worsens, and colder temperatures and snow inhibit traveling to and from school. Unfortunately, every year, absences spike in the weeks before and after winter break.

Although one absence here and there does not seem to make a big impact, absences add up to months of missed learning time. This is true in any grade. Here are some tips on how teachers and administrators can encourage attendance this holiday season:

  • Send out a letter before and after the longer winter break urging families and students to avoid absences. Attendance Works offers a sample letter that positively highlights the tolls that absenteeism takes on achievement in both English and Spanish.
  • The Los Angeles Unified School district has successfully implemented some of the following ideas:
  1. Plan an event that will bring families, students, and teachers together. “This can be an awards assembly, holiday program, or a service opportunity.”
  2. Engage students in community action, with anything from a food-bank distribution, toy drive, or winter coat closet. Encourage participation by organizing competitions between different grade levels to see who collects the most donations!
  3. Give a recognition award to the classroom with the best attendance before and after the holidays.
  4. Organize an assembly where you recognize the 10 students from each grade with the best attendance during the week before and after winter break.
  5. Create lesson plans for teachers in early December that stress the importance of attendance.
  6. Develop a seasonal theme such as:
    1. Celebrating a Season of Good Attendance
    2. Giving the Gift of Attendance
    3. On the First Day of Attendance My Teacher Gave to Me
    4. Stuffing our Stockings with Good Attendance
    5. Good Attendance is Coming to Town

Make sure to take advantage of Kinvo by Kinvolved to promote these ideas! With our new picture messaging feature, you could send a flyer with bullet points from the sample letter by Attendance Works. You can also send quick, translated messages reminding families of these events.

What are you doing to encourage attendance during the holidays? Share your ideas with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

New to Kinvo? Contact us to learn more.

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