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Positive Parent Communication

By November 6, 2016January 9th, 2018No Comments


Kinvo by Kinvolved is hosting a series of webinars this November. We had a successful kickoff with a webinar on how to record attendance on both our web and mobile app. If you missed it, make sure to sign up for the next one on Tuesday, November 8 at 3pm (RSVP here), in which  we will be discussing positive parent communication. Webinars are only 30 minutes long, because we know our users have busy schedules. If you have a conflict, read on for some easy guidelines to follow on this topic!

Research confirms that attendance and parent engagement go hand in hand. In fact, the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory found, “When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.” Despite this proven correlation, the unfortunate reality is that nearly half of American parents underestimate the harm of school absences.

These misconceptions lead to uninformed decision making and a lack of urgency. Chronic absence is not a result of indolent parents, but parent engagement is a defining factor. Researchers from Harvard Kennedy School and Goldman School of Public Policy, A. Feller and T. Rogers, explain, “parents of low-income and minority students are often viewed as a contributing cause of student failure…this ‘deficit’ view of parents hinders educational innovation, especially for K-12 students. An “asset” view of parents instead unlocks new interventions that empower parents as partners in improving student outcomes.” If parents are not informed partners in this work, they will not be able to advocate for their children’s needs. Parental involvement is a crucial piece of solving the chronic absenteeism puzzle.

This is where Kinvo by Kinvolved can come in. Now that you are an expert in recording attendance on Kinvo, here are some tips to engage parents to make sure their students are attending class. With Kinvo, teachers can instantly inform parents about absenteeism and lateness via a text message or email. If you are in a rush, use our default absent/late messages, or choose from your library of frequently used messages. With our new translation feature you can overcome previous language barriers, and translate all attendance messages in real-time!


Teachers can also communicate with parents about other topics relevant to student success, such as grades, behavior, and school events. It’s particularly important not to overlook the power in a simple, positive message letting a parent know that his or her child had a good day! Teachers can mark whether a message they are sending is “positive” or “needs improvement.” Administrators can then download reports to monitor the trends at their schools — they can see the number of absent, late, uncategorized, positive, and needs improvement messages sent per parent, teacher, and at the school level. The goal is to have a 5:1 ratio, which means that for every one negative message, there must be five positive messages to ensure strong relationships with families.

We know that less time sending out reminders translates to more time working with students and collaborating with colleagues, so using Kinvo, teachers and administrators are more efficient by messaging groups of contacts even an entire class’ contacts in the same amount of time it takes just to message one.

A powerful relationship can start with a simple text message. We encourage our Kinvo community users to engage families in a positive manner and track their efforts. The teacher or administrator who sends the most positive messages during the month of November will receive a Kinvo t-shirt, stickers, and pens!

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