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Measuring Impact—Kinvolved’s ROI

By October 15, 2015January 9th, 2018No Comments

At Kinvolved, we hold ourselves accountable for positive impact on students, families, and school communities.

Since our founding, we have measured the effects of our product and support services on student attendance, family engagement, and school culture.

Based on the results of our 2014-2015 impact study, we know that our model is working. And it’s working in some of our most disadvantaged schools.


Research tells us that attendance is the most important contributor to student success in school. We also know that positive family engagement correlates with stronger student attendance rates, academic achievement, and socioemotional development.

More than 50% of teachers we surveyed in our impact study reported that our app helped improve student attendance and reduce tardiness in their classrooms.

Further, educators like Ms. O. expressed that as a result of Kinvolved, “parents are more invested in their child’s experiences and there is more open communication about what is going on. Often times when a student is absent and I message about it, I get to know more about my students’ lives, which allows me to likewise be more invested in their well-being. It really is mutual.”

Schools that invest in Kinvolved see a high return on investment. In our home state of NY, taxpayers invest more than $20,000 in annual per pupil spending. Yet, Kinvolved costs less than $20 per student per year. At relatively low cost, Kinvolved is not only accessible to schools in underserved communities, but it is proving to be one of the more successful methods to address the challenges of poor attendance and low family engagement, which have been intractable for many schools.

We are proud of our work and eager to expand our model and mission. Do you want to bring Kinvolved to your school or youth program? Sign up here or email me at miriam@kinvolved.com. We work nationwide.

Miriam Altman is Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of Kinvolved. While an NYC public high school history teacher, Miriam worked to develop strategies to improve student attendance rates and leverage family involvement in school. She holds an MPA in Policy and Management from the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University. She also holds an MA, Ed. in Secondary Social Studies Education from Lehman College and a BA with Honors in an Independent Concentration, News Media and Societal Change, from Brown University.

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