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KiNVO and JumpRope integration

By September 21, 2017February 20th, 2018No Comments

Administrators and educators, do you need your attendance and gradebook data in one place? Look no further!

We are very excited to announce that we’ve integrated KiNVO by Kinvolved with JumpRope to bring you the best of both worlds.

Kinvolved is an organization dedicated to elevating student attendance. We offer three services to achieve this mission: Attendance Summits, Culture and Community Coaching, and KiNVO–our mobile and web app. Our Attendance Summits align key community stakeholders, from districts and community-based organizations to mayor’s offices and government agencies, around common goals and strategies to fight chronic absence. Our Culture and Community Coaching for school and district teams promotes thoughtful implementation of research-backed attendance improvement strategies. KiNVO, our mobile and web app, enables school and district teams to access informative attendance data and to engage families through real-time, two-way, translated, text messaging.

JumpRope is a mastery-based grading and reporting tool, which includes tracking for student attendance and reporting. Teachers, administrators, parents, and families can plan, score, report, and share feedback in terms of mastery of standards in all grade levels. JumpRope offers accounts to individual teachers that are free forever. Schools and districts can sign up for JumpRope to enable powerful customization, reporting, and collaboration features including the ability to integrate with other systems such as KiNVO.

Dr. Robert Balfanz, director of the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University, cites chronic absenteeism as “the biggest thing in school improvement that people have not paid attention to.” Balfanz and colleagues from the EGC have published extensive research on utilizing an early warning indicator system to identify students in middle grades who are in danger of dropping out. Their research shows that by tracking attendance, behavior, and course performance (A-B-C for short) early on, teachers and administrators can identify at-risk students and help keep them on track for graduation–thus improving their chances of future success.

Given the intrinsic relationship between attendance, behavior, and course performance, merging KiNVO and JumpRope felt like a logical step in our quest to help tackle chronic absenteeism. We’re excited to further explore the ways in which utilizing data can help improve student outcomes at our upcoming Data Driven Leadership Summit.

So, how does KiNVO-JumpRope integration work?

Teachers record and save attendance in JumpRope.

  1. JumpRope sends attendance data to KiNVO in real-time.
  2. KiNVO sends instant, translated text messages, emails, and robocalls to families about attendance.
  3. Parents and guardians reply, and a single attendance contact receives all attendance responses.
  4. Within the KiNVO app, attendance data visuals illustrate trends in student, course, and school-wide attendance behavior.
  5. Teachers, Parent Coordinators, and other administrators use KiNVO for all parent and student communications.

If you’re interested in integrating KiNVO and JumpRope at your school, please purchase both softwares. You can schedule a consultation to learn more about how KiNVO can support your school by emailing hello@kinvolved.com or completing this form: https://kinvolved.com/sign_up. We will be happy to direct you to our friends at JumpRope.

Upon purchasing both softwares, you will speak with a KiNVO Client Success Specialist. We will ensure that your integration is enabled within 48 business hours. The integration requires that your JumpRope and KiNVO schedules are synced via STARS. KiNVO uses Clever to import STARS records, and receives STARS updates every 24 hours. JumpRope requires administrators to manually upload STARS files.

If you’re already already a KV or JR user and want to integrate, please contact support@kinvolved.com or https://support.jumpro.pe/hc/en-us.


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