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Introducing: Fresh Fall Features

By September 16, 2016July 2nd, 2018No Comments

new-features_header-1It’s back to school time and Kinvo by Kinvolved has launched new features that you’ll love!

What’s new? Our users have spoken, and we have delivered! We are thrilled to announce that we have added two-way translation in more than 50 languages. You can now translate messages to and from families in real time. Simply set a parent’s language preference, and that parent will receive messages you send from Kinvo in his or her preferred language – even if you’re sending a mass message school wide.

At Kinvolved, we remain committed to improving student attendance rates through real-time communication between schools and families. As the number of immigrant students nationwide increases, and school communities continue to welcome families from diverse backgrounds, we heard and felt that this translation feature was essential to better achieve this goal. We have had this feature on our radar since last year, and are so excited that it’s finally live.*

Kinvo knows that metrics matter! Administrators now have fifteen new reports on attendance, utilization, and communication. One of these reports even reflects messaging frequency between staff and families to help encourage communication, and make it easier to reward those teachers making the most effort. Kinvo will also inform you of failed messages so that you can identify inaccurate parent phone numbers.

Going through user surveys, we also discovered that some teachers and administrators felt restricted by character limits when writing a message about school events that needed details like the location and time. (See – We really do read these!) In response to this, we decided to offer picture messaging as a premium feature. Users can now boost communication by sending images of flyers, homework assignments, students working hard, and more!*

Finally, we care about your time. To make onboarding much more efficient, we have partnered with Clever, which allows us to integrate with schools’ student information systems. Clever uploads roasters from ATS/STARS automatically, which means you no longer need to manually add or remove students to and from courses. Plus, you will always have automatic, nightly roster updates. (We think their name is very appropriate!)

We’re excited to see how you take advantage of these new features this year! Let us know which feature you are most excited about by commenting below or sharing on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! These feature additions are inspired by user feedback, and so we want to thank you all for helping us make our app better!

In the 2015-2016 school year, three out of four teachers said that attendance has improved in their classrooms, and 89% of teachers say that Kinvo by Kinvolved makes it easier to inform families about student attendance patterns. With all of these new features, we can’t wait to hear what you think in 2016-2017!

New to Kinvo? Contact us to learn more.

*Currently, both the translation and picture messaging features are only available on our web app, but they will soon be added to our mobile app as well.

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