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Back to school tips for kinvo users

By September 14, 2017No Comments

Welcome back to another school year with Kinvolved! Back-to-school season is busy, and we know administrators’ and educators’ time is limited. We design our features with efficiency in mind, and our data demonstrates that KiNVO can indeed help educators save time by streamlining their daily routines.

Of the teachers we surveyed for our annual Impact Assessment, 74% said that KiNVO saves time compared with previous parent outreach methods, and 92% said that KiNVO makes it easier to communicate with parents. We hope that our new features and support offerings will improve teachers’ day-to-day routine even more in the coming year.

We also know that it’s incredibly important to engage parents in a meaningful way. We’re proud to report that 90% of teachers we surveyed said that KiNVO helped strengthen their relationships with parents.

This back to school season, we want to support our teachers with tips to save time, while still maximizing parent engagement with KiNVO.  We like to call the following KiNVO features our “core 4,” or, the KiNVO features teachers can’t live without!


  • KiNVO messaging: Send an official KiNVO welcome message, and open the lines of communication in less than 10 seconds!


Use KiNVO’s ‘Welcome Message’ template via the Send Message page to open lines of communication in under 10 seconds. Parents want to hear from you, and they love this simple, clear welcome message! Engagement is a two-way street, and it’s important to set the tone that you’re not just sending messages, but that you want parents to write back.

Remain positive as you think about how to improve communication with parents this year. Give parents who may not have been engaged last year another shot! Sending this welcome message signals that you’re ready to start afresh.

Log into KiNVO and check out our FAQ pages for more tips and instructions on how to use these messaging features, and other features discussed below!


  • KiNVO attendance: Swipe right, or left, and send! Parents know right away if their students are absent or late to your class.


Recording attendance in KiNVO takes 15 seconds–just swipe right to mark a student absent, or left to mark a student late. You can even record why a student was absent, or how many minutes they were late, and communicate that to parents. You can make your own custom absent and late message templates, or use KiNVO’s default templates.

And don’t forget, you can communicate with parents via KiNVO in more than 55 languages! One of our favorite features, two-way translation, ensures that parents will receive absent or late notifications in their native language. Parents can respond in their native language, and teachers and administrators will receive the message in English, or whatever language they choose!


  • Schedule reminders for next week, today!


Busy and forgetful teachers, rejoice! You can now schedule messages to go out once or multiple times in the future.

School event happening next Monday morning? No sweat! Schedule a quick reminder to go out on Sunday night. Want to help those three students that always ‘forget’ to hand it in their weekly homework that’s due every Friday? Make sure parents get a gentle nudge on Thursday after school to check in with their student(s) about it.

You can schedule messages to go out to all of your students or parents, one course, one grade-level, or just specific students or parents. This feature saves tremendous amounts of time, and helps you stay on track with your family engagement plan.


  • Can’t get in touch via text message? Backpack home the Attendance and Family Engagement Report Card!


Can’t get in touch with a parent via sms, email, or robocall? Have no fear! You can always download a PDF version of the attendance and family engagement report card.

This simple PDF analyzes attendance records, and showcases absenteeism/lateness trends. It also highlights bright spots. Simply download the report, print it out, and send it home via backpack with students whose parents you’re struggling to reach. The report card will give parents an objective glimpse at their student’s attendance behavior.

We hope this list aids in your planning, goal-setting, and time-management strategizing for the new school year. If you have any questions at all about Kinvolved, the features listed here, or other ways to save time and improve attendance with KiNVO, don’t hesitate to reach out! KiNVO users can contact our support staff at support@Kinvolved.com. Interested in KiNVO or our work? Drop us a line at hello@kinvolved.com.

Let’s make it a great year!

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