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Attendance Recording on Mobile and Web

By October 27, 2016July 2nd, 2018No Comments


Kinvo by Kinvolved is hosting a series of webinars this November. We are excited to kick off the series with a webinar on how to record attendance on both our web and mobile app.

As the holiday season approaches, attendance rates may start to dwindle. Tune in on Tuesday, November 1 at 3pm (RSVP here), to learn how to get the most out of our attendance recording feature!

Webinars are only 30 minutes long, but we know our teachers have busy schedules. If you have a conflict, read on for some easy guidelines to follow.

In the 2013-2014 school year, one in eight students were chronically absent. Recently, the Ad Council, partner in the “Absences Add Up” campaign, discovered that “an overwhelming majority (86%) of parents understand their child’s school attendance plays a big role in helping them graduate from high school...however, nearly half (49%) of parents believe that it is okay for their children to miss three or more days of school per month – and that they won’t fall behind academically if they do.”

The lack of tools to make attendance data simple and actionable to track, as well as the scarcity of real-time data on chronic absenteeism, make it easy for this problem to go unnoticed. This is why Kinvolved built a very simple tool for educators to track attendance, access real-time data reports, and instantly communicate information via translated text message to families.

Teachers and administrators can use Kinvo’s attendance recorder on both web and mobile to track daily or period attendance. It takes just thirty seconds to swipe students’ names left or right and to track reasons for absence or minutes of lost instructional time.

After recording, you can save attendance data or instantly inform parents about absenteeism and lateness via a text message or email. If you are in a rush, use our default absent/late messages or choose from your library of frequently used messages. With our new translation feature you can overcome previous language barriers, and translate all attendance messages in real-time!

Kinvo by Kinvolved is a simple solution that is helping educators, administrators, and families solve chronic absence. By streamlining how schools record attendance and communicate information with families, we have helped districts, schools, and nonprofits improve attendance rates.

Still have questions? RSVP to one of our four webinars!

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Comment below to let us know which webinar most excites you! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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