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5 Ways Kinvolved Can Help During Storm Season

By January 26, 2015No Comments

1. Use the “Text All” feature, located at the top of the roster in each class directory, to send our vital information to families in an efficient and friendly way. You can send information about changes in dismissal, school closure or just a message reassuring parents that their children are in good hands.

2.  To ease the flow of information and the nerves of rattled parents, encourage families to text or email back rather than call the school. One person at the front desk cannot field 1000s of calls at once. You can help, just make sure you have the right information before answering any questions.

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3. Keep your phone or computer on and near you even if you normally put them away. It’s better to have information and model using technology responsibly than lock it away because of school policy.

4. Make sure your phone is charged! In case of a power outage your phone should still be getting internet service because mobile internet comes from satellites, not local routers. However, your mobil device may be slower than usual because it is not connected to the WIFI.

5. Create quality time by texting out an activity or assignment students can work on at home. Let parents know how they can help! Parents will be home and appreciate having something to occupy the kids besides TV and video games.

Sample Text: Spelling Test on Friday on List 18. Quiz your child throughout the day. Focus on 2 words until they are 100% then move on to a new one.

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