It’s Back to School

Do You Know Where Your Students Are?
Remote | Face-to-Face | Hybrid

Kinvolved is Partnering with School Districts to:

  • • Reconnect with Students and Families through Contact Data Cleanup
  • • Maintain Proper and Needed Attendance Recording and Reporting
  • • Provide Family Engagement Professional Development to Administrators and Teachers
  • • Jumpstart the New School Year with 2-way Safe and Secure Communications Software
  • • Ensure Relationship Building for All Families in Over 80 Different Languages
  • • Remove Internet and Broadband Barriers Utilizing Cell Phone Capabilities
  • • And more!

No Matter What Your Back to School Plans Are, Kinvolved Can Help!

Districts Are Using

Districts are using a variety of funds to implement Kinvolved products and services including CARES Act funding, Title 1, Title 4, and more!

COVID-19 Essential Service

What Our Partners Are Saying

Because we already had KiNVO in place, outreach and attendance management during COVID-19 has been as seamless as always.

— Tarek AlamarieAssistant Principal, NYC DOE, 1,100,000 Students

This morning, 21 kids were absent. After KiNVOing (which took three minutes), 14 students showed up.

— Kimberly LeimerPrincipal, Central Falls School District, 2,695 Students

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